Pacers trade Paul George for potential… or potential potential!

With some shocking news last night, the Indiana Pacers traded superstar Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. From what I heard on all websites and radio broadcasts, the Thunder were really never mentioned as a suitor. 

Cavaliers – sure. Boston – seemed like they had the best mix of players and draft pics to offer. Houston – the dark horse here but I never felt that option at all. 

But according to a report, the Celtics never made a “final offer.” How is it possible Danny Ainge has been so stingy with his picks that you won’t make a push to dethrone Lebron in the East and get a player whom can get you 25 ppg, 5rpg and 5apg any given night on the schedule. Instead, they will continue to draft players that never become all-stars versus trading for a multi-year all-star. 

But here come the Thunder and trade Victor Oladipo, who played at Indiana University, along with prospect Domantas Sabonis.

This has to be a joke, right?! You’re getting a former #2 overall pick in Oladipo and truthfully a very good big man with lots of potential in Sabonis. 

The problem you have though now is that while you give Russell Westbrook a formidable running mate in George (let’s not forget he had a pretty talented teammate named Kevin Durant…. that guy who just won the NBA title… with a different team in June), Westbrook is not the easiest player to play with.  

Westbrook is a ball centric player, which shouldn’t be a big problem for George, but his low shooting percentage is. So without upping the FG percentage for Westbrook, you’re just missing shots. Oh, and did I mention that Westbrook had 400 turnovers this year? Yeah, doesn’t matter who you add if they don’t have the ball.

But big gamble: George has made it known that next year he will be a free agent and wants to be a Laker. So you’re gambling on keeping him when the history of the Thunder hasn’t shown they can do that (remember that guy named Durant and a guy named Harden, who left for Houston for $4 mil more… of contract, not per year).

So the synopsis of this: you think this combo is going to beat Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Kevin Durant 4 times out of 7 games? Nah – me either. 


 NY Knicks part ways with Phil Jackson

In a non-surprising move, the N.Y. Knicks have parted ways with GM Phil Jackson (CBS sports reports).

This should not be a shocking move as Phil was known to be set in his ways and was running the infamous triangle offense on a team that didn’t have the talent to run it effectively. Let’s face it, Carmelo is no Scottie Pippen!

Jackson was said to be selecting his coaches by who was willing to run his triangle vs. who was not. While I understand it has been efficient in the past, this NBA is different than the one when he coached a guy named Jordan or the duo or Shaq and Kobe. 

NBA basketball is better when the costal cities are at their peak (L.A., Miami, New York, San Francisco). The fact that according to a recent draft prospect, Phil would fall asleep during his predraft workout should have been a good sign it was time to move on. 

It also must be a jab to the face of the Knicks that the Lakers are getting a lot of talk right now and they are still in the gutter. Maybe the Knicks should look to bring in some energy like the Lakers just did with Magic at the helm.

Edit – CBS also now reports it was a “mutual” parting of ways. Aka – they didn’t think he was doing good and he’s too old and tired to really care anymore. 

Flag Football?!? 

Let’s all go back to high school gym class and strap on the flags! I don’t know about you but I was a gym class legend when it came to toasting my classmates. Who would have thought that there is now a professional flag football league?

Tonight NFL greats Terrell Owens and Michael Vick will take the field in the American Flag Football League. The AFFL plans to have a full schedule starting next season.  According to the AFFL tonight’s  match up is their version of a preseason game. A game in order to work out the kinks in the game and broadcasting.

General rules are as follows 

  1. 7-on-7, with 12 man roster

  2. 60 Minute Game

  3. Clock will run except for the final 2 minutes of the first half and final 5 minutes of the game

  4. Field will be divided into 4 25-yard boxes and first downs are awarded each time the offense reaches the next box

  5. No blocking, No kicking, No fumbles

  6. Only 1 lateral allowed per play

  7. Incidental contact is permitted

After the snap

  1. Once the ball is snapped, the Defense has to wait 2 seconds to rush and the QB will have a total of 4 seconds to release the ball or cross the line of scrimmage

  2. The QB cannot run unless rushed

  3. All players are eligible downfield

  4. North/South handoffs are not allowed but pitches and handoffs to runners running East/West are permitted

  5. The Defense can blitz 3 times per quarter without waiting for 2 seconds


  1. 6 pts per TD under 50 yards, 7pts for TDs over 50 yards

  2. Teams will have option based on distance to convert PATs of 1, 2 or 3 points

I for one am going to be reliving my glory days of high school gym class with a 6 pack of cheap beer and my letterman’s jacket. 

How the Timberwolves stole the NBA draft headlines!

Lonzo Ball, Fultz #1 to the Sixers and potential draft trades were all the buzz going into Thursday night’s NBA draft. 

While the talks of trades were mostly of Paul George to L.A., Boston, Cleveland or any other team that had anything remotely decent to offer the Pacers, who were informed by George that next season would be his last in Indianapolis. 

Another hot rumor was Jimmy Butler to the Cavaliers or Celtics. Cleveland could have traded Kevin Love and gained a much needed wing defender and a mid-20 points per game scorer. But neither of those happened. 

What did happen was the Minnesota Timberwolves swopped in, offered the #7 pick and mostly Zach LaVine for Jimmy Butler. Whoa – I bet most didn’t see that coming (myself being one of them!).

The reunion with Tibs was much needed for an under appreciated Butler. So here is the major benefits for the Wolves: they gain that big PPG player, lock down defender who will also rebound and get you a handful of assists nightly. 

But here is what it means – Andrew Wiggins, a super solid early 20s SF, can give you another mid 20s ppg, is now your third best player. Karl Anthony-Towns, not only the best center under 25-years-old, might be the best player of any postion in that age group. 

So for the next 2 years (Butler’s remaining contract) should be a very exciting time to be in Minnesota, possibly the best since Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury made a playoff push about 15 years ago. If this nucleus stays together on extensions and they get some quality role players, this will be fun to watch….which at least puts the Wolves on national TV for a change!


Derek Jeter met with MLB yesterday to let them know that he does not yet have the money to purchase the Miami Marlins, according to the Associated press. (via

Jeter bid $1.3 billion for the Marlins but so did another group let by Tagg Romney and Tom Glavine.  Although it is one thing to place a bid of that magnitude it is another to have that cash on hand. The Commissioner of Major League Baseball wants the investment groups to demonstrate that they have enough money to close the sale and run the team.   Jeter has been trying to put together an investment group since Jeb Bush pulled out of his bid with Jeter in May, but has yet to find any partners.

Jeffrey Loria bought the Marlins for $158.5 million in 2002 from John Henry, and the Marlins confirmed in February the team was for sale.  Not a bad turn in profit for 15 years as an owner for Loria.

Although there are other groups in the bidding war for the Marlins I personally think that Jeter would be the best bet for them.  Jeter has been the face of the MLB, 14 time all-star, for so many years and has always done things the right way it is hard to imagine him failing at being an owner!

If only Jeter knew someone who had baseball and Miami ties he could call…..



2017 NBA draft 

Well, well, well…. the NBA draft is finally upon us. After months of debate and a certain prospect’s dad leading the hype wagon, we finally get to see who goes where and what trades will happen.

Like many others, I personally do not see the next LeBron in this draft, but there are a few really good prospects that will be long term contributors. I will admit that I am no guru of college basketball, but lets list a couple of players.

Markelle Fultz from Washington is going to be the first pick to the Philadelphia 76ers. We have known this since they traded picks with the Celtics last week. It will be a super nice team in 2-4 years with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Look for a good playoff push starting next year.

Lonzo ball of UCLA will be a Laker. This pg, led by super annoying dad Lavarr, will be a good fit in LA, especially since Paul George declared he wanted to be a Laker next year. Adding Brook Lopez and dumping bad contracts, Nick Young opting out, could – yes its possible – be a big attraction in the massive free agent class in 2018. Also, long term friend Dwayne Wade will be available too and would be super productive off the bench.

Josh Jackson of Kansas will be a steal, as if the rumors of today go down…. to be a Knick. Accoring the a report on the Colin Cowherd show, Knicks have engaged in talk with the Celtics to trade some players and the #3 pick to the Knicks for Porzingis and players/picks. If this happens, you can start a new regime with a terrific 2-way player in Jackson, the #8 pick of the tall Arizona kid and the 2 starters from the Celtics. Dont be surprised of the Knicks go this way as it gives them youth, toughness and potential going forward now that Carmelo is out.

Stay tuned for big draft trades!!!

Carr and Raiders agree to terms

The Raiders and quarterback Derek Carr have agreed to a five-year extension that is worth up to $125 million over the length of the deal. 

$70 million is guaranteed with $40 million due on signing.  That is an astonishing amount of money paid upfront, although less than Andrew Luck a few years ago, but I do believe that Oakland (Las Vegas)  has a total franchise quarterback in Carr!