Jon Jones Vs. Daniel Cormier – return of the king!

After the infamous rescheduling from UFC 197 after a bad drug test (off brand Viagra), the highly anticipated rematch is here…and a return of the King. 

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier is a match that the UFC and fight fans have been waiting for ever since the showdown last summer at the prefight press conference when the two exchanged blows on stage. It also marks the return of Jones after a two year absence from the fight promotion and Cormier has been walking through warm-up opponents since. 

Jones, arguably the most talented UFC fighter ever, is poised to regain his title after it was stripped from him after a felony hit-and-run incident. The belt went to ultimately to Cormier after a win when the title was open and vacated. 

My (modest) opinion on the fight: Jones wins by unanimous decision. His wide array of moves (including getting his purple belt in jui jitsu recently) will be too much for Cormier. Jones can use his reach/length to pick and choose his shots and land many of them, like his decorating elbows, over and over again.

Cormier has a chance if they go to a ground based wrestling, as Daniel was a two time Olympian. Jones will use his length to keep him away from take downs, but that is Cormier’s chance at the win.

But let’s face it, the King has returned for his crown. 


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