Dallas Cowboys: America’s team or America’s blunder!?

The Dallas Cowboys have a roster made up of drug addicts, domestic abusers, guys who expose women’s breasts on tv at parades and spousal abusers. But this is where you draw the line – with cutting Lucky Whitehead?!

What did he do that was so bad – someone else committed a crime and said they were him. Yep…. that’s it! 

According to Jerry Jones, the team owner, they did all their due diligence on Whitehead and this was in “the best interest of the team.” The head coach also spewed the same b.s.  

So when “Whitehead” got arrested the person gave them the Whitehead name and social security number and looked like Whitehead according to the Virginia police, who got the man stealing around $50 worth of stuff from a convient store.

But wait….it wasn’t even Lucky at all. He was on a plane elsewhere and the Cowboys, according to coach Jason Garrett, had multiple conversations with Whitehead before releasing him. How could they have all the info as i would imagine Whitehead probably at least once in those convos said it wasn’t even him.

This is just another example of the Cowboys being stupid. Now, in their defense: they did draft a UNC kick returner that might have eventually passed Whitehead on the depth chart. Whitehead was also guilty of being late to a team plane and suspended one game last year and also recently made a false police report about his puppy being kidnapped, which turned out to be with a local rapper he owned (reportedly) $10,000 to. 

But what a train wreck and I hope the players union takes the Cowboys to the cleaners!!!


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