Kyrie Irving requests trade (per report) out of Cleveland….Knicks made trade sense, Suns make better trade option!

The NBA supermax deal is amazing: a $200mil+ deal from any employer is incredible. Normally, I’d absolutely say take it, but when a player would rather leave 10s of millions on the table to get off a team, something is wrong!

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving has asked for a trade off the team, per multiple reports. But there are two logial theories and some good landing spots. 

Option 1 – the front office is a mess and the writing is on the wall. Former NBA guard Chauncey Billups reportedly pulled out from contention for the recently vacated (read: fired) GM spot. Why would a smart NBA vet like Billups pass on being the GM for a Lebron led team?! Makes you wonder if he saw it too. The Cavaliers don’t keep GMs past 4-5 years and he probably forecasted James leaving, Irving gone and a massive rebuild coming. Cleveland isn’t exactly the hotbed of free agent landing spots like Miami or Los Angeles. 

Option 2 – I find this one hard to beleive but some sites and people are twitter are saying it’s because he wasn’t get along with James. While I can understand playing with King James was demanding, I bet it’s not that hard. 

So where do the Cavs ship Iriving? Apparently Irving was helpful enough to name the places he wants to go: San Antonio  (play with coach Pop and have stability), Miami (beautiful beach, pretty women, 60° in Januaury, young talent), the Knicks (from the area) and the Timberwolves  (ironically to play with Andrew Wiggins, who was the Cavs #1 pick three years ago and James made them trade for Kevin Love – not smart).

My thoughts:

The Knicks – trade Carmelo to Cavs, who can then add the Knicks last season PG Derrick Rose to fill Kyrie’s spot and pair Irving with Porzingis. At that point, the Knicks won’t be a contender right away, but they would be exciting and draw free agents. I would say this is the logical spot.

The Suns – not listed in desired teams, but fit super well. A trade for Eric Bledso (another friend of James’) for Irving is a close trade, pending maybe some picks or players. It would give James the scoring help and the Sun’s would have Irving, Devin Booker  (the guy put up 70 pts in one game and can flat out score the rock) and super rookie Josh Jackson  (scorer and the best wing defender in the draft). This would be exciting too and they might make the playoffs….and scare a team or 2. 

The Timberwolves – I like this as it would make another “super team” with Wiggins, Karl Anthony-Towns, Jimmy Butler and Irving. This team would be scary, but who can they really trade to Cleveland besides Ricky Rubio and maybe some picks. This would be a nasty team if they could make that lineup work. 

So, what will happen with kyrie? It will be fun to watch to see how this mess pans out. 


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