Imagine this is you…

So you have spent the last 4-5 years working for a mid-level employer. You started off appreciated that they hired you right out of college, gave you a sign on bonus and things looked optimistic. 

But then reality struck. You realize the other guys they hired are doofuses, they missed out on the smart hires from good colleges and for no reason at all, they took away your PTO days. Really?! 

So what do you do? You weigh your options of being the big fish at your fledgling firm, make good money, miss out on all the good clients and continue to flatline until they think they can find a similar person to do the same position but at your starting salary that you’re now way above. 

So you take the headhunter’s advice on LinkedIn, have dinner with the firm across town (the one with the wall-to-wall windows and bagel bar every morning) and decide to take them up on their offer they gave you, which was a 10% raise, a corner office and you will get a shot at all the high priority clients like you know you deserve. 

Life is good again. The wife is happy. The kid’s now get to go to a private school and you’re now the proud owner of a 5 series BMW, which you easily swing now that you get a car allowance with the new position. 

But then it starts. It’s just a random Facebook comment, but it’s on your wife’s page and it says you’re a sellout. A traitor. How your work ethnic is terrible and you were never really a team player. Constant harassment from there on in at every social media source at not only you, but your wife’s accounts too.

You did nothing wrong. You simply worked out your non-compete contract, realized you reached your peak with that firm and decided to not only advance your life, but of that of your family by now being able to give them private education and tropical / foreign vacations. 

Everyone should be happy for you, right? You’re living the American dream and succeeding through hard work and effort. 

So why is it so different when you wear a jersey to work with your name on the back? 

People get this erroneous attachment to athletes of their favorite teams. They are exactly like you and I when it comes to career choices. How long are they supposed to spend drowning in meritocracy before they are mentally and emotionally defeated and want a chance to win more than lose? 

I say if guys like Gordon Hayward played out his contact, was an outstanding player who gave his all and tried his best, it is his right to decide where he wants to work, just like you and I, and he shouldn’t have to endure any of the harassment he has been given. 

Good luck in Boston, Gordon. 


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