Pacers trade Paul George for potential… or potential potential!

With some shocking news last night, the Indiana Pacers traded superstar Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder. From what I heard on all websites and radio broadcasts, the Thunder were really never mentioned as a suitor. 

Cavaliers – sure. Boston – seemed like they had the best mix of players and draft pics to offer. Houston – the dark horse here but I never felt that option at all. 

But according to a report, the Celtics never made a “final offer.” How is it possible Danny Ainge has been so stingy with his picks that you won’t make a push to dethrone Lebron in the East and get a player whom can get you 25 ppg, 5rpg and 5apg any given night on the schedule. Instead, they will continue to draft players that never become all-stars versus trading for a multi-year all-star. 

But here come the Thunder and trade Victor Oladipo, who played at Indiana University, along with prospect Domantas Sabonis.

This has to be a joke, right?! You’re getting a former #2 overall pick in Oladipo and truthfully a very good big man with lots of potential in Sabonis. 

The problem you have though now is that while you give Russell Westbrook a formidable running mate in George (let’s not forget he had a pretty talented teammate named Kevin Durant…. that guy who just won the NBA title… with a different team in June), Westbrook is not the easiest player to play with.  

Westbrook is a ball centric player, which shouldn’t be a big problem for George, but his low shooting percentage is. So without upping the FG percentage for Westbrook, you’re just missing shots. Oh, and did I mention that Westbrook had 400 turnovers this year? Yeah, doesn’t matter who you add if they don’t have the ball.

But big gamble: George has made it known that next year he will be a free agent and wants to be a Laker. So you’re gambling on keeping him when the history of the Thunder hasn’t shown they can do that (remember that guy named Durant and a guy named Harden, who left for Houston for $4 mil more… of contract, not per year).

So the synopsis of this: you think this combo is going to beat Steph Curry, Clay Thompson and Kevin Durant 4 times out of 7 games? Nah – me either. 


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