NY Knicks part ways with Phil Jackson

In a non-surprising move, the N.Y. Knicks have parted ways with GM Phil Jackson (CBS sports reports).

This should not be a shocking move as Phil was known to be set in his ways and was running the infamous triangle offense on a team that didn’t have the talent to run it effectively. Let’s face it, Carmelo is no Scottie Pippen!

Jackson was said to be selecting his coaches by who was willing to run his triangle vs. who was not. While I understand it has been efficient in the past, this NBA is different than the one when he coached a guy named Jordan or the duo or Shaq and Kobe. 

NBA basketball is better when the costal cities are at their peak (L.A., Miami, New York, San Francisco). The fact that according to a recent draft prospect, Phil would fall asleep during his predraft workout should have been a good sign it was time to move on. 

It also must be a jab to the face of the Knicks that the Lakers are getting a lot of talk right now and they are still in the gutter. Maybe the Knicks should look to bring in some energy like the Lakers just did with Magic at the helm.

Edit – CBS also now reports it was a “mutual” parting of ways. Aka – they didn’t think he was doing good and he’s too old and tired to really care anymore. 


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